Things I’ve Learned from Nikki Sixx’s ‘The Heroin Diaries’

I always love a good Rock autobiography or documentary, but for some reason, it took me forever to pick up Nikki Sixx’s The Heroin Diaries. I loved getting The Dirt on Motley Crue – the band was one of my favorites growing up, and quite frankly, I still dig ’em. I think part of me knew that Heroin would be a difficult read and quite frankly, it was at times.

I respect Sixx’s openness and honesty in unleashing the monster inside him, and I do hope that reading about his experiences helped someone out there. That said, here’s what I learned from Nikki’s diary:

1 ) If you find yourself locked in your closet at your own will in order to hide from the gangs of Mexicans trying to break into your home, you might have a problem. Unless you’re in fact experiencing a home invasion.

2 ) If you piss or shit the bed more than twice in your adult, non-geriatric life, you definitely have a problem. Yes, two is the number in which I deem it to be “forgivable”. (Slash, I’m lookin’ at you, buddy.)

3 ) Dropping more than $10,000 a week on cocaine or smack is pretty batshit crazy. Dropping more than $25,000 a week – fucking insane.

4 ) If you have technically died twice throughout the course of your drugging, it’s probably time to kick the habit. There’s a Buffy joke or reference in here somewhere, but I’m too tired to really pull this one out.

5 ) Sometimes telling everybody to fuck off once in a while can be kind of refreshing, but when it turns out that your dealer is #1 on your speed dial list – RED FLAG, man.

6 ) Motley Crue were fucking badasses.

6b ) The Dirt and The Heroin Diaries have really altered my opinion of Vince Neil.

7 ) I don’t even want to know how many total STD’s Motley Crue acquired over the years.

8 ) I can’t believe Nikki Sixx is still alive.

For Motley fans, the book is a must read, and reading how Sixx turned his life around is pretty inspirational. I’ll leave you with this excerpt:



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