The Top 5 Best ‘Family Matters’ Episodes in the History of the World

Who the shit is more lovable than the muthertruckin’ Winslow family?

You don’t need be Mother Winslow to know that the answer to that question is “no one.” That’s why here at TLW, we’re counting down the Top 5 best Family Matters episodes ever! This will probably be the most insightful and life-changing tale you’ll read all week! (You can thank me later)

Here we go, in reverse order:

5. Baker’s Dozen – Season 1
In this oldie-but-goodie, Rachel convinces Carl to sell his lemon tart recipe to a local restaurant. But, uh-oh! The restaurant orders, like, a bazillion tarts and they all have a food fight instead! Classic, Winslows. I’m a sucker for a good food fight, too. Probably because the 3rd grade version of myself always had “FOOD FIGHT” on his bucket list. Hell, it’s still on my bucket list. Bring it on, bitches.

4. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Urkel – Season 4
This was always a fave growing up…probably because I liked Christmas. And presents. And watching Kellie Shanygne Williams act like Steve Urkel in that dream sequence. Lots of laughs, I tell you. And suspenders.

3. Making the Team – Season 3
I shall let this YouTube video speak on “Making the Team’s” behalf. It is entitled: “Laura Winslow shows everybody wassup.”

2. Driving Carl Crazy – Season 4
“3, 2, 1….1, 2, 3….what the heck…is bothering me?” In this episode, Carl gets mad at Steve and has to go to the Doctor or something. He has high blood pressure and stuff. Except he lies to his wife, and doesn’t go to the Doctor cuz he’s scared. What a wuss.

Drumroll please!

And the very best episode award goes to:

1. Life of the Party – Season 2!
This episode takes the cake for so many reasons, it’s not even funny, you guys. First of all, there’s a rooftop party, and Steve accidentally gets drunk when these mean guys spike the punch. Then, he pulls out the fucking URKEL DANCE (boo to non-embeds). Boom. As if that wasn’t enough, he almost falls off the roof, and Rachel has to walk a tightrope (!?!?) in order to save him. It’s sheer bananas! The Urkel dance went on to revolutionize the TGIF line-up, and for all of these reasons combined, “Life of the Party” WINS! What a showstopper!

What a fun trip down memory lane this was. C’mon! Everybody do the Urkel!

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