The Office – Subtle Sexuality – "Male Prima Donna"

So at first I wasn’t too hot on this. Even though “The Office” has always had amazing webisodes, this seemed a little tacky. After a few viewings though, I’m now into it. And here’s why:

“The Office” has been lacking for me lately. It’s really become the Jim-Pam-Dwight-and-Michael show. WHAT ABOUT THE ENSEMBLE!? Where’s the love for Creed and Kevo? Gimme a little more Stanley! Most importantly: Kelly Kapoor. “Male Prima Donna” is perfect for Kelly fans, and even gives Ryan plenty of face time.

“The Office” needs to go back in time and write a few more episodes revolving around the supporting cast. Until that happens, we have this video to enjoy:

*edit* YouTube took the video down (Stupid NBC Universal!), so you have to click here to check it out on Hulu.

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