The Grammys Mostly Sucked, But Jack White Sure Didn’t

Here’s the skinny: Mainstream music still exists and it mostly sucks. LL Cool J is alive and well, but also is pretty terrible. Kelly Clarkson and Gotye took home deserving awards though, and fun. proved that they really aren’t that fun. at all. Then, Bruno Mars sang with Sting and it was SUPER AWESOME until Rihanna ruined it. Then they showed Chris Brown’s stupid mug, ruining it even more. But then two Marley’s came out making it somewhat OK again.

You really don’t need to know much or anything at all about the _____ (insert number here) annual Grammy Awards from last night….except for this Jack White performance, of course. Check White out below owning the entire place, first jammin’ out a feisty rendition of “Love Interruption” with The Peacocks before crankin’ out a killer “Freedom at 21” with The Buzzards:

Jack White – Love Interruption & Freedom At 21… by IdolxMuzic

All hail Jack White.

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