The best Motley Crue video ever

“Too Young To Fall in Love”


Favorite parts:

1. The little kid:  I don’t know who he/she is, but when he/she is in trouble, he/she goes DIRECTLY to Motley Crue! Who would’ve thought that the Crue is there whenever we need them? I can’t tell if it’s Tommy or Nikki that bends down to listen (basically because of the bad quality of both the video and their jet black BIG hair), but come on people…The Crue are stand up guys!

2. The Crue beats bitches up: In some of the worst coreography ever, Motley Crue beats up the Chinese gangsters. Although way badass and corny at the same time, I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to try to punch a guy with a huge Aladdin sword. Kudos to The Crue for takin’ no shit!

3. The rice scene: Tommy eats rice. Tommy spits out rice. Tommy throws rice at cook/henchman. It was deserved, I’m sure.

A classic end to a classic video!

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