Can You Stream It? There’s An App for That!

IMG_4458We are in a Golden Age of television…of antiheroes, zombies, clones, cable, and most importantly, streaming. Thanks to Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and an ungodly amount of others, almost everything we’d ever need or want to see is available in just a few clicks of a button or taps on a screen. But with all the services accruing on your Roku and Apple TV menus, how the heck are we supposed to navigate it all? Where can we find that British Black Mirror series everyone is squealing about? How can we catch up on Mad Men before its sure-to-be triumphant final curtain?

There’s an app for that, my friends.

Welcome to Can I Stream.It? – a website and app that allows you to look up your favorite shows and movies to figure out just where the hell you can watch them. CanIStream.It is a free service created by Urban Pixels that allows you to search across the most popular streaming, rental, and purchase services to find where a movie is available. If the movie you’re looking for is not available, you can sign up and set a reminder up for a particular show. When your chosen service makes your selection available, you’ll be the first to know via email. Pretty baller, right?

Full disclosure, you guys: The app did fail me at one point, early on in my frenetic foray into the world of researchable streaming. I really had a hankering to revisit THE FUCKING CATALINA WINE MIXER. So I searched for Stepbrothers and found that, remarkably, the movie was available on Crackle, and luckily, my Blu-ray player streams that service. Double-score! I got so excited about the amount of activities that we could do with my brand new best friend app, that I was beyond crushed when I found that Stepbrothers was not on Crackle and that I would just have to watch something else. THE HUMANITY. (But hey – maybe it was Crackle’s fault. Who knows?)

I just want to be a serious, unbiased journalist guyyyyyysss, so I can’t lie to you. But now that I have bared my half-dead soul and shown you the inner workings of life’s many hardships, I can say with fervor that I still recommend Can I Stream.It? It’s worked a bunch of other times and it really saves me time by figuring out how I can go about wasting my time. Genius, I know. So check for it in your App Store, download, and enjoy.

And for the love of macaroni and cheese, watch Orphan Black already. (Jk, I have it on good faith that it’s not streaming anywhere. Check your local listings.)