Sorry Bonnaroo, This was the Best Video from the Weekend

NotrooThough your news feed is probably smothered by highlights from Bonnaroo right now (and yes, that Jon Hamm is still sexy, even after all these years), it’s almost a scientific absolute that this video was the best one shot this weekend, and it happened in Landgraaf, the Netherlands.

During a set at the Pinkpop Festival by John Coffey, a Dutch punk rock band with a Green Mile inspired band name, singer David Achter de Molen took a break from the snarlfest to get up and close with festival-goers and walk across the crowd. As you can see in the video below, a beer was hail mary’d at the singer, who then snatched it out of midair, finished the beer, and tossed the cup away like a fucking champ.

The move is so smooth that it looks like this guy just catches beers all day long in prep for his next gig. de Molen has now solidified himself as one of the coolest MFers on the planet. Seriously. There’s like, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Lee, Liam Neeson, and David Achter de Molen. Dude should probably play football. What’s the Dutch equivalent of the NFL?

Anyways, we solute you, my friend. Party on, Dave.

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