Watch Snoop Dogg Make Mashed Potatoes with Martha Stewart

We all know Snoop D-O-Double-G probably has a killer brownie recipe, but who knew his interests would extend to mashed potatoes and Martha Stewart?

In this older clip from Martha, the lifestyle maven teaches Snoop how to make her mother’s classic potato recipe. Here’s the highlight reel:

-“Skizzin.” Yup.

-Snoop is high AF. (“Par-kaaaaaay!”)

-Over two-minutes in, Snoop needs to be reminded of what they’re making. (“What is this again!?”)

-His slang for cognac: “yac-yac”. <3

This video is so money, VH1 has ordered a new, unscripted series starring Stewart and Snoop called “Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party.” In each episode, the unlikely duo will host a dinner party and attempt to wine and dine various celebrity guests. Hilarity will surely ensue. The show is set to premiere this fall.

Until then, chew on these taters:

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