Snoop Dogg’s “Bush” is Just OK Cuz Pharrell’s Beats are Basic

snoopaloopRemember that year that 90 Will Ferrell movies came out all at once and you were just like ALRIGHT, ALREADY even though you love that sometimes-tubby bastard so dearly? That’s basically how I feel about Pharrell Williams right now, and as a result, the new Snoop D-O-Double-G album.

Before you start crying into your Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, allow me to present Exhibit A-Z about how Pharrell’s shit is tired:


The intros and beats are. all. the. same.

Remember how fresh he used to be? Even going back to tracks like “Milkshake” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” – those songs helped dominate music in their respective years of release (2003 and 2004). Is Pharrell still that powerful in the music industry or is he just so immersed in the mainstream that he can just churn out the same product over and over again and get basic people to dig on basic beats? I think it’s the latter.

So Snoop’s album doesn’t totally blow, but it’s pretty straight down the middle. It’s mostly R&B focused, with guest spots by Stevie Wonder (!!!), Gwen Stefani (!), and Charlie Wilson, but there’s nothing here to get too psyched over. It’ll make for great background music at a party, but like early on – when the guests are arriving and the first round is poured. It’s kind of like Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories in that way, which I felt was also pretty disappointing.

Stick to the Stevie track “California Roll,” “So Many Pros,” and the Stefani tune “Run Away.” But when your buzz starts to build and you’re well on your way to Drunktown USA, you’re gonna need a new soundtrack.