Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader’s ‘Skeleton Twins’ Lip Sync Scene is Everything

skeleton twinsIf you haven’t seen The Skeleton Twins by now, you should. It’s on Blu-ray, it’s fantastic, and it was one of my favorite movies from last year.

The flick stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader as fraternal twins who haven’t spoken in 10 years. Their lives are individually a mess, life brings them back together, and drama and comedy ensue. These SNL vets more than prove they can handle serious subject matter, making this movie that much more special.

How special, you ask? This clip says it all. In an effort to cheer up his sister Maggie, Milo spins a record and begins one of the greatest lip synch performances of all time (sorry, Emma Stone).

All of the YouTube clips of the scene in question have been taken down, but Vulture has a really good write up here. Kyle Buchanan even goes so far as to say: “It’s the scene in the movie that you’re going to be searching for on YouTube four years from now.” Someone PLEASE re-upload it.

The song choice? The commitment from Hader? The look in Wiig’s eyes when she finally tickles his fancy? So heartfelt, and in the context of the movie (DID YOU WATCH IT YET!?), says so much about Maggie and Milo’s connection.

Related: I can’t stop listening to Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.” Rockin’ it at the gym. Blastin’ it in the car. Planning my own choreography for my very own lip synch performance. (I wish that last part wasn’t true.) Dance like nobody’s watching, you guys.

Dance like nobody’s watching.


7 thoughts on “Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader’s ‘Skeleton Twins’ Lip Sync Scene is Everything

  1. OK wait idea: Next time I’m in CT I will come into the office and we can do our own rendition all around the office, on top of Alice’s wine bar, and then skip out into the sunshine. Everyone will be so impressed with our moves they won’t care we’re ditching work.

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