Sh*t Just Got Real: Possible 'Mortal Kombat' reboot

Just bask in this awesomeness for a few minutes. Watch in Full-Screen High-Def and enjoy.


This “trailer” is a demo created by director Kevin Tancharoen (the Fame remake) to pitch his idea for a reboot to Warner Bros. Obviously R-rated with plenty of gut-spilling viscera, this movie will aim to reboot the series with the attitude and style of the games, rather than the cheesy 90’s films that everyone has already forgotten.

A few other fun facts:

• The film was shot over two days with two Red cameras, in early April, with another 2 months of post-production, and it cost $7,500. Many of the actors as well as crew donated their time.

• He wants to make it and knew that to be given a chance, he had to show that he could do it; this was essentially his calling card.

• Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite) will definitely be a part of the feature.

This is incredibly exciting and I feel like I’m 10 again. It’s the blockbuster to end all blockbusters. It’ll be just as badass as Watchmen, but darker, bloodier, and with a story that more people will relate to. There’s no possible way Warner will pass on this….right!?


2 thoughts on “Sh*t Just Got Real: Possible 'Mortal Kombat' reboot

  1. ok i still remember the original mk movie

    ok obvi im gonna go see it on opening night and im proabably gonna like it, but im also almost definitely going to be upset about inaccuracies in the storyline. issue #1 being that this all takes place on earth. shang tsung is a 1000+ (4000 was it? or was that kitana? idk, who cares?) year old sorcerer from the netherrealm that was trying to win earth’s domination by winning the tournament 10 times in a row. they went though a couple of their backgrounds in the trailer (reptile, baraka, scorpion) and they were already off the storyline but how are they going to explain a goro, a 4 armed monster, or raiden, the fucking GOD of lighting? alls im saying is that we’re excited because the video game was cool, but if they give us something thats NOT the video game, its just another movie.

    also how was the budget only seventy five hundred dollars if the red camera itself is like 60k w/ lens?

  2. Yeah…I mean, i hear ya and understand the concerns. I think this is more of a “Batman Begins” type of thing. A reboot of the series. New rules, new storyline. They can definitely still attach a supernatural element to it, it just wasn’t apparent in that trailer – and I hope they do! Raiden is a badass, and Shang definitely has to have some supernatural ability as well.

    Oh, and the budget was declared as $7,500 because the cast and crew almost completely volunteered to film it. So maybe he just found someone that had that camera? Or previously owned one?

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