Former Friends Singer Samantha Urbani Delivers Sultry Pop Sounds on ‘1 2 3 4’

Samantha UrbaniSamantha Urbani, previously of the Brooklyn band Friends (aka, the hardest fucking band to Google ever), has kick-started a solo career with her new sultry pop track “1 2 3 4.” Reminiscent of an 80s workout video, early Madonna, and her own former catalogue of misfit hipster pop that was Friends, “1 2 3 4” is perfect for skipping in the sun or speeding down highways. And it’s addicting as hell.

Since the disbanding of Friends, Urbani collaborated on several tracks with Blood Orange, releasing most of that work over on her SoundCloud page.

Urbani wrote and co-produced this song with Sam Mehran, taking on most of the instruments herself. Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) contributed the piano and horn arrangement, and Friends’ Matthew Molnar slaps the bass, mon. As vintage percussion bumps through a sea of echoed synths and keys, Urbani sings her woes of a past relationship that’s thankfully long gone.

It’s uncertain if “1 2 3 4” will be part of a larger, official solo effort or if it’s just an eargasmic treat for now, but here’s hoping there’s more maple-syrupy pop from Urbani to come.

1 2 3 4 by Samantha Urbani

Written, arranged, performed & co-produced by Samantha Urbani Synths, etc: Samantha Urbani Piano & Horn arrangement: Devonté Hynes Bass: Matthew Molnar Producer: Sam Mehran Parts were recorded on the MetroNorth train from New Haven to Grand Central, in Dev’s old East Village apartment, in Samantha’s secret hermit home, in Matt’s Bushwick shred palace, and in Sam’s Hollywood dungeon studio.


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