This Is Not A Drill: Robyn’s Back on the Dancefloor with New Single ‘Missing U’


It’s been eight lonely, lengthy years since Robyn’s Body Talk reinforced her pop-cult legend. The Swedish songstress’ work emoted through pulsing synths, heavy kick drums and manic hooks that are just as affecting as they are assertive. Though her two collaborative EPs may have distracted us for a minute—Do It Again with Röyksopp in 2014, and Love Is Free the following year with La Bagatelle Magique—the release of new single “Missing U” is a stark reminder of how Robynless we’ve been without her backrolls, flailing limbs and leave-it-all-on-the-dancefloor flair.

Co-produced and co-written with longtime collaborator Klas Åhlund and Metronomy’s Joseph Mount, the track is rather open-ended. It could easily be a message to a lost lover (“all the love you gave still defines me,” she sings) or perhaps it’s a tribute to the loss of her friend, the late producer Christian Falk of La Bagatelle Magique. In this teaser video, Robyn nods to those who’ve been waiting for her triumphant return: “[it’s] a little bit of a message to fans.” Whatever inspiration sparked her return to the studio, her pain once again bleeds through her signature beats and seething electronic rhythms, leaving no escaping thought or uncomfortable feeling unexplored.

She continues: “‘Missing U’ is about this trippy thing that happens when people disappear…it’s like they become even more clear and it’s like you see them everywhere.”

Dance/cry/feel to this.

Robyn – Missing U (Lyric Video)

‘Missing U’ Available Now : Watch the film Missing U – A Message To My Fans : Follow Robyn : ——————— LYRICS ——————— baby it´s so real to me now that it´s over the space where you used to be your head on my shoulder all of

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