Start Freaking Out with Radkey’s ‘Glore’ Video

Since the beginning of time, ’twas written in the stones that one day a band would come. Well that band has come and now they are here to cum again in your ear pussies. No, that band is not Tenacious D. That band is RADKEY.

Radkey is a group of homeschooled brothers from St. Joseph, Miss. With nothing to do at home but listen to their father’s records, singer/guitarist Dee (center), bassist Isaiah (left), and drummer Solomon (right) thought it would be pretty cool to start a band. So they did. And it is good.

Radkey does whatever the fuck it wants. They rock it hard (mostly) but don’t give a shit about slowing it down and getting groovy. They avoid pigeonholing themselves as a “punk band,” but there’s an undeniable punk spirit here. But really, they just want to make hard rock you can party to. (And yes, Dee really does sound like Glenn Danzig.)

The video for “Glore” (off last year’s Delicious Rock Noise) is a claymation wonder, like something fromĀ Beavis and Butt-head-era MTV. It kicks just as much ass as the track does.

Check “Glore” out below and some other choice selections under that. There is only Radkey.

Radkey – Glore (Official Video)

‘Glore’ from debut album Dark Black Makeup – available now: Radkey Facebook – Spotify YouTube Twitter Radkey Merch Instagram Dark Black Makeup – Amazon In the space of just over two minutes, we’re taken on a psychedelic, mind-bending, face-melting claymation trip through the morphing world of what Radkey love and hate, incorporating too many NSFC (Not Safe For Children) scenes to count and using a variety of claymation techniques heavily influenced by pioneers such as Bruce Bickford and David Daniels.

Radkey – Dark Black Makeup

Music video by Radkey performing Dark Black Makeup. (C) 2016 Another Century, a division of The Century Family, Inc.

Radkey – Romance Dawn (Official Video)

Get Radkey’s new EP ‘Devil Fruit’ iTunes: Amazon: Radkey – Romance Dawn 2013 Little Man Records Directed by Shaun Hamontree & Cyan Meeks Produced by Shaun Hamontree & Cyan Meeks

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