Portugal. The Man’s ‘Live In The Moment’ is the Song of the Summer and I DGAF

Ahh, summer…sun, fun, booze, alcohol…wait, those two are the same thing. I don’t know about you, but summer to me is signified by chugging brews and crankin’ tunes. (And I guess mixing it up with some rando’s at a BBQ you didn’t even want to go to, but that’s what all the sauce is for!) And we all know every summer needs a song.

I’m tired of all the mainstream basic popstars who want nothing more than to murder the air waves with a ditty written by 12 people and produced by Dr. Luke or whoever. Can we just not?

While my choice for song of the summer may be a little left of center (or just my song of the summer), I couldn’t care less. It still follows the basic rules: radio friendliness (yep), timing (the album just came out), a positive feeling (check), and sing-along lyrics (hell. yes.) Gentle readers, for your consideration: Portugal. The Man’s “Live in the Moment.”

Portugal. The Man – Live In The Moment

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Listen, Lorde’s Melodrama is all the fire emojis and even a lot of the other emojis too, but “Green Light” peaked a little too early. It has come and gone. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attack your eardrums with the Kiwi’s smooth, sultry voice all summer long (you should because omggggg), but the album may be more suited to sitting around a bonfire—not that there’s anything wrong with that! 

With Lorde in my rear view, there’s nothing else I want to sing this summer than “Live in the Moment.” That chorus is E V E R Y T H I N G. (“Ooooh, la la la la la let’s live in the moment!”) It’s light, eternally catchy, and motivational; it smothers your id with positivity. It’s got real vibes of reaching out, experiencing life and having a hell of a good time. One might argue that the verses could use a little more pep or that radio won’t pick up on it, but it’s not even a single. (Plus, you shouldn’t be listening to radio anyways. It’ll make you sterile. It’s bad for your soul, like fast food or cigarettes or hot dogs.)

“Live in the Moment” makes me feel good. Like anything is possible. Like the sun is shining and will always be shining. It makes me want to throw my cell phone in a pool and soak in all that life around me. Music is all about feeling and connecting and emotion. This song connects it all.

Ditch your FM radio tunes. Forget that this track might not reach the wide appeal of “Umbrella,” say, or “Blurred Lines” (barf). Instead, elevate your gatherings with a lesser known track by a lesser known (but still pretty damn popular) band. And always remember to live in the moment, you guys.

What song do you think will reign supreme this summer? Do you have your own pick to throw into the mix? Holler back!

2 thoughts on “Portugal. The Man’s ‘Live In The Moment’ is the Song of the Summer and I DGAF

  1. Looking at the lyrics, it seems to be a song about mortality….and doubt.
    Since none of us knows what lies beyond earthly death, or knows anyone that has actually been resurrected, it makes sense to “live in the moment”. Still, its not a bad idea to hope that eventually, reunification with loved ones just might happen after all.

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