Celebrate Tonight’s ‘Portlandia’ Premiere with the Show’s Best Skits

portlandia-goth-season-5Portlandia, the IFC sketch comedy series starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, premieres tonight and this is great news for the Internet, mankind, and fans of really strange, niche hipster-mocking comedy. (Oh, cacao, Oregon – they mock with love!)

To celebrate its premiere, here are some of my personal favorite scenes that aren’t “Put a Bird On It” (though damned if I don’t laugh every. single. time. I see that one):

“She’s Making Jewelry Now” – Carrie’s sister is making jewelry now. She’s got her own website! My favorite part: right around the 0:52 mark when Carrie passionately scream-sings into her sister’s ear and then turns around and dances away. Gets me every time. Sometimes on Portlandia, the smallest little details are the best.

 “A-O River!” – Dave and Kath are some of my favorite characters of the series. They’re always going on adventures (that aren’t really that adventurous) and they’re always super-uber-ultra prepared and usually freaking out over small details. In this skit, Dave and Kath are setting their sails on a river. Hilarity ensues.

“Adult Hide & Seek”–  There are so many great things about this one: what the word “seek” stands for, the vegan bacon cheeseburger countdown, the old woman in the library. It’s so quotable. It’s so glorious.

“Did You Read?” – People love to read. People also love to talk about how much they read and one-up each other in social circles. This skit nails people like that, and is part of the reason why the show is so genius. It perfectly mocks some of society’s most laughable bullshit.

“The Technology Loop” – In this goodie, Fred gets stuck in a technology loop full of Netflix queues, texts, emails, Internet, iPads and computers. When we first saw this one, Emily told me that this is my life. It was sort of hard to argue.

If I kept adding to this list, I’d be here all day long. (The feminist book store owners! The rats! The Battlestar Galactica bingeing! Cat napped! Two girls, two shirts!) Because I love Portlandia, and Portlandia is amazing.

Watch it tonight at 10pm on IFC. You can also catch up on the goodness by watching it on Netflix.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Tonight’s ‘Portlandia’ Premiere with the Show’s Best Skits

  1. I just started catching up on this show, and despite my always feeling lukewarm about Fred Armisen’s time on SNL, I think this is pretty amazing… I’m only through the first season of Portlandia, but plan on catching up soon.

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