Hear Plum’s Psychedelic New Single ‘Light Years, Dark Years’


plum Whenever a bands sounds even remotely psychedelic, my ears perk up and I’m listening. Discovering new bands rocking these classic sounds? Even better. So is the case with Plum – a reasonably new outfit formed in late 2014 that struts a vintage guitar sound in our wildly modern, tech-driven music scene.

While the band is a true throwback to the vibey, groove-filled aesthetic of the 60’s and early 70’s, the trio is hard hitting and seething with energy, as evidenced on “Light Years, Dark Years,” embedded below. On other tracks, like the kaleidoscopic “Cosmic Vice,” Plum sounds like an illusory dream you’re having on a grassy knoll somewhere, with unbridled guitar riffs and hypnotic harmonies (and keys!) that carry the tune all the way through its nearly 7-minute run.

Though it may be hard to out-Tame-Impala Tame Impala right now, Plum shows signs of power and potential throughout its debut EP. If you’re a fan of bands like Cream, Foxygen, Temples and the like, Plum will undoubtedly fit in well alongside them on your next playlist.

Check out the single below and head to Spotify or your digital streaming service of choice to check out the EP in full.

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