Jimmy Kimmel Creates Faux Spinoff ‘Perfect Stranger Things’ Starring Larry and Balki

Perfect Stranger Things

Already finish bingeing on Stranger Things and hankerin’ for more Hawkins? Check out Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s faux spinoff to the popular Netflix series entitled: Perfect Stranger Things!

Kimmel reunited Perfect Strangers stars Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker for a hilarious sketch that sees the Demogorgon moving in with Larry and Balki and turning their apartment Upside Down. Hilarity ensues! :::cue the theme song!::: (Nevermind. Kimmel definitely didn’t secure the rights to that.)

“The new season of Stranger Things came out, and it’s very popular. It’s a great combination of new and classic,” said Kimmel. “The show is full of references from the 80s and now Netflix is taking that one step further with a new spin-off series that teams the kids from Hawkins, Indiana with two beloved characters from the past named Larry and Balki.”

And yes, the kids from Hawkins make an appearance.

While you’re at it, revisit these killer opening credits:

The Duffer Brothers love casting ’80s icons like Matthew Modine, Paul Reiser, Sean Astin, and Winonna Ryder on the show. Why not get Linn-Baker and Pinchot lined up for Season 3? Make it happen!

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