No Doubt Announces Release Date

Remember that new album that No Doubt has been working on for what feels like the better part of a decade!? It’s finally happening! The band has announced the album’s release date in the video below  (it’s September 25th, 2012!):

For those who aren’t freak shows that check the band’s website, Twitter and forum almost every single day (what!?), here’s what we know:

The album’s title, so far, is to be determined.

The confirmed song names are:
Dreaming the Same Dream
One More Summer
Push and Shove
Settle Down
Looking Hot

As far as the direction of the album – tweets from the band have been all over the place. “Vintage Jamaica” is a term that’s been thrown around. They’ve also confirmed the record will have lots of horns (!!). In addition, they’ve been listening to some serious 80’s tunes for inspiration.

What does this all mean, anyways?!  Damned if I know, but The Winslow is PUMPED for this release date news! This will be the band’s first album in almost 11 years. Their last: 2001’s Rock Steady.

PS – Props and thanks to the band’s guitarist, Mr. Tom Dumont, for RTing my No Doubt tribute blog. Kudos, man!

*EDIT* – The band released their first webisode from the studio! Check it out for the making of new track “Push and Shove.” It sounds amazing, obviously – a little Jamaican dancehall, with a solid beat and sickass breakdown.


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