'New Music Mondays' kicks off today with the debut record from Adele

I’m a huge music fan, in both snob form and pop-culture know-it-all form. A few friends have commented on how anti-music TLW has been lately, and frankly, they’re right: its stupid. I listen to music all the time, non-stop, yet I barely write about it (I blame this on Fairfield U’s The Mirror, muhaha).

Every Monday, I’m going to write about at least 1 piece of music that I’m currently digging at the moment. It may not be new as in “just released this week,” but it’ll be new to someone. It might be new to me, or it might be new to you. It also might not be new at all, but maybe I’ve just discovered it and decided that you should to! Either way: MUSIC will dominate MONDAYS!

Here’s a review of Adele’s debut album, 19, with a YouTube clip of the video for Chasing Pavements. I’m diggin’ her record…and you should too!


In yet another post-Winehouse Motown throwback, Adele’s soulful vocals and melodies outshine those of her competition. Similar to her contemporary, Duffy, Adele’s 19 revolves around relationships past, present, and future as the young, yet wise-beyond-her-years vocalist croons and belts through bluesy ballads and upbeat retro pop tunes.

Musically, 19 may not appear as deep as Duffy’s recent Rockferry. Songs like “Crazy For You” and “First Love” border monotony in their simplicity creating quite a lull in the record’s flow. Lyrically, however, Adele wears her heart on her sleeve, with her poignant voice leading the way.

On the single “Chasing Pavements,” she ponders the realism of a relationship hitting a dead end. “Right As Rain” also adheres to the album’s disastrous break-up theme as she sings, “Who wants to be right as rain, it’s better when something is wrong / You get excitement in your bones and everything you do is a game,” again noting that there is “no room in my bed, as far as I’m concerned.” Another treat, the Bob Dylan cover “Make You Feel My Love,” perfectly complements the album’s pacing and structure as Adele’s voice pleasantly sweetens an already sugar-coated tune.

Despite a few sleepers, Adele hits it out of the park by proffering a very emotional, yet realistic body of music. While Duffy appears to be trying too hard to fit in with the music of late, Adele’s voice, lyrics and record unravel with a sort of sincerity that makes me hope she’ll be around for records to come.

***Embedding of her video was disabled on YouTube, therefore you’ll have to click THIS to check it out. It’s worth it!***

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