Reggae Rec: Nesbeth’s ‘Victory’ EP

nesbethFor some music fans, reggae might be seen as a seasonal summer escape. An auditory experience forever coupled with beach-going, pool-laying and beer guzzling. Wrong. Reggae is forever, people.

For this New Englander, reggae is reminiscent of all those sunny activities, sure, but there’s nothing better than latching onto reggae right at the inception of winter. It helps get us through the cold, and hey, listening to an artist like Nesbeth on the slopes? Hell yes.

Growing up in Trench Town West in Kingston, Jamaica provided Nesbeth with the perfect surroundings to create music and find his voice. Taking cues from artists like Bob Marley, Whitney Houston, and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley” among others, Nesbeth creates intricacies in his rich vocals, emoting deep and striking complex melodies set against off-beat Jamaican-flavored rhythms. His music can sometimes steer off toward many reggae tropes – political ideologies, messages of social consciousness, etc. – but it’s easy to get swept up in (and if you’re a reggae fan, it’s obviously par for the course).

On his latest single “My Dream,” Nesbeth sings about being pigeonholed, mistreated and rising above it all. He’s free-spirited and optimistic, paired with a beat that won’t be quick to forget. It’s synth-heavy and strong, while bordering on dancehall – definitely one of his best tracks.

On “Hundu Lay Lay,” taken off 2014’s Victory EP, Nesbeth shows a different side – one accompanied by tribal percussion and rhythm vocals. It’s super soulful and will lull you into believing you’re actually laying out on an island somewhere.

The EP’s lead single was “Taste Victory,” which is a little more straightforward roots Reggae, but with a modern spin. With these three songs alone, Nesbeth shows a wide range of tempos and vibes, while interspersing his strengths, messages and persona in between. (On a personal note, he’s probably my most recent Reggae fave since Chronixx).

Check out some tunes below and head to Spotify for more!

“My Dream”

My Dream – MAIN MIX by ★Nesbeth★

Brand New Nesbeth-My Dream… Down Load on Band Camp

“Taste Victory”

Nesbeth – Taste Victory [Official Video 2014] Buy the tune here!: ‘Taste Victory’ is Nesbeth’s first recording for the UK based Entertainment Soul imprint, it’s a song full of optimism for the future, whilst reflecting on the reality of not such good times in the past.

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