Nada Surf, Webster Hall, NYC, 12-7-08




In trying to sum up Sunday’s Nada Surf show at Webster Hall, these colorful adjectives come to mind: Epic. Dynamic. Mega. Insane.  Others come to mind as well, but they wouldn’t even paint a bright enough picture to describe how amazing the band was, how tight they sounded, and how professional the show was.

A Nada Surf show should be experienced by all. Yup, I said it.

It’s also worth noting how ridiculously awesome Webster Hall is. No matter where you’re standing in that joint, you have a golden view of the stage.

The “home show” set ran an hour and 45 minutes ( ! ) and included songs from each and every album of the band’s history, with “Lucky” tracks showing up most.  You could read it in the band’s faces: They were pumped to be back in New York. And they were ready to play.

Set list was as follows:

1. Hi-Speed Soul
2. Happy Kid
3. Treehouse
4. Whose Authority?
5. Weightless
6. I Like What You Say
7. Killian’s Red
8. What Is Your Secret?
9. Inside of Love
10. Beautiful Beat
11. The Fox
12. 80 Windows
13. Ice on the Wing
14. Concrete Bed
15. See These Bones
16. Your Legs Grow
17. Imaginary Friends


18. Blizzard of ’77
19. Do It Again
20. Blonde on Blonde
21. Always Love
22. Blankest Year

Recorded a few tracks. Wish I had gotten “Always Love” or “Blankest Year” but I was having too much fun to keep the camera steady (which I couldn’t even do during “Blizzard” because you can hear me at the end of the video complaining about my own shakiness…oops!)



Blizzard of ’77


Inside of Love


I love Nada Surf. Every time I see them, they prove just how amazing they are and that they are 100% worthy of my devotion, time, and money. Will hopefully check them out on each and every tour from here on out.

I bought the raddest shirt, too! It being in the backseat of my car prevents a picture post – Stay tuned! Update later…

2 thoughts on “Nada Surf, Webster Hall, NYC, 12-7-08

  1. No “Popular,” but when I saw them in March in Cali they played it there. I don’t think they’re totally against the novelty song, but they like to switch it up, I suppose.

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