"My Name is Bruce" was amazing! And we saw him in person too!


Last night, we checked out a viewing of “My Name is Bruce,” the new Bruce Campbell film starring Bruce, directed by Bruce!  And the Criterion Theater in New Haven offered a bonus: a special Q&A session with Campbell after the show!

All that for a low, low price of $10!  Score.

Campbell plays himself in the movie. In the film, a die-hard fan kidnaps Bruce and brings him to Gold Lick, a small town in Oregon with hopes that Bruce will help them fight an ancient Chinese war diety, Guan Di.

It’s all the classic Campbell you’d want and hope for: terrible yet hilarious dialogue, cheesy action sequences, a ridiculous monster to fight, etc. If any part of your being if a Campbell fan: Go see this moviefilm!

The Q&A afterwards was just as exciting! Campbell was cheery, energetic, and answered questions from fans with a smile on his face the entire time. He…wait a tic…I SHOT A VIDEO FOR YOU ALL!  This begins with him answering “How was it like to dress up as a woman” for Jack of All Trades. And also: when it cuts for the first time…he went up to give a kid a $1 bill; when it cuts for the 2nd time he was talking about “The Sound of Music”.

With no further adieu, here’s the man, himself:

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