My Apartment is Alive with ‘The Sound of Music!’

Previously on The Littlest Winslow: Nick started an Epic Film Quest destroying the coolness and validity of all other movietime film quests. He laughed, he cried, he hurled.

It appears I broke another mini-rule. I’m supposed to be watching at least one film per week and then blogging about them almost immediately. Well, there has definitely been some lagtime in between viewings, and I watched this film over a week ago – so “Whoops!” and also “Fuck you”. I’m still dedicated to the quest, though I may have to adapt the rules based on real life, work and other writing requirements. Fear not, Music fans! I shall not bid adieu without glorifying this epic tale of…….singing, dancing and Austria (?).

My viewing of The Sound of Music was perhaps one of the most satisfying so far, to be honest. I felt like I was watching a classic – like I have somehow become a better film fan for having seen it. I thought I’d feel that way about Casablanca, but I didn’t really. In fact, I enjoyed the movie waaaaaay more than I thought I would, with all the singing and dancing and children, which are usually horrible things to me. Musicals tend to be wild cards for me – either I love them (Dr. Horrible, Nightmare Before Christmas) or I loathe them (Grease). I’m not so sure if I’d make a bold statement in saying that I “loved” this one – but dammit – I see the appeal and respect it as a classic!

I actually felt like I’d already seen the damn thing! Between Family Guy parodies, Gwen Stefani songs, and countless other pop culture references and samplings, The Sound of Music was basically already ingrained in my fucking brain. And ya gotta give some cred to Julie Andrews and Chrisopher Plummer (even if he did later admit he didn’t care for the role). Both performances were quality acts and it’s a shame Andrews couldn’t pull off a win for Best Actress at the 1965 edition of the Academy Awards (she lost to Julie Christie for her role in Darling).

I split up my viewing into two sittings. Why? Because this movie is three fucking hours long!? Here lies my only gripe. How is a movie about singing and dancing and scary looking children three hours long? Oh, then Nazis come. I didn’t expect that. Someone should do a tally of how many Best Picture winners and nominees include Nazis into their plot. Casablanca, Schindler’s List, The Sound of Music. This list goes on and on. Why are Nazis such a hot commodity? It’s almost as if the formula for a Best Picture nomination is equal parts Biopic, Drama, Tears, Intrigue…and oh, throw in just a pinch of Nazi at the end! What’s the deal with that, Oscar?

All in all, this is a great film and I encourage non-believers to turn an unsuspecting eye onto Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp family. Watch it on Blu-Ray too, while you’re at it. The film restoration was fantastic, making Austria’s hills really come alive visually. Must. Go. To. Austria. Soon.

On that note:  So long. Farewell. Insert-German-Words-Here and Goodnight!

Coming up: Midnight Cowboy, Rebecca, a Nazi-plot count and a Countdown Tally.

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