Music Monday: The Virginmarys – ‘Portrait of Red’


Lately, I’ve been ODing on Indie Pop and Indie Electronic and Dub Step and other relatives in the Dance/Shit-we-need-Ecstacy family. But dammit, sometimes I just crave some loud, proud, ballsy rock, and every time I need a fix, England delivers me some new bitchin’ band that blows me away, while blowing my car speakers out at the same time. Sixty percent of the time, they deliver every time. Praise, England!

The Virginmarys are my new fave Brits. This trio of rockers come from Macclesfield, England….and I have no fucking clue where that is. What I do know is that their debut albumĀ King of Conflict recently hit the States in February and it. is. awesome. The guitar riffs are always super unique, zig-zagging about unpredictably. The vocals are raw and scream-y at all the right moments. And it’s loaded with energy. It’s the perfect recipe for the bout of Spring Fever I currently have coursing through my veins. Yes. Yes yes yes.

It was hard for me to choose just two songs from the album. I see that as a good sign, yea? On first listen, The Virginmarys reminded me of The Subways and The Vines. So you should check these guys out starting with this track, “Portrait of Red.” Below that is “Just A Ride.” Listen to it. Bathe in it. Love it. I know I do.



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