Music Monday: Minor Alps – I Don’t Know What To Do with My Hands

MinorAlps_coverMinor Alps, a collaboration by singer-songwriter Juliana Hatfield and Matthew Caws (lead singer of Nada Surf), released its full-length debut album a few weeks back and shot to the top of my Most Played list on Spotify. (I don’t actually have a Most Played list on Spotify. Does that exist? If it did, this song would fo’ sho’ be kickin’ it at the top.)

“I Don’t Know What To Do with My Hands” is the first single from the duo and it’s got everything that you’d come to expect from a Caws or Nafa Surf tune – a catchy hook, sincere lyrics and introspection, and some amazing harmonization. Instead of having Nada bassist Daniel Lorca by his side, he’s joined by Hatfield, whose vocals add a completely new layer to Caws’ shtick.

But that’s not to say that this is Caws’ show alone – all the tracks on Get There are co-written by both Caws and Hatfield. When one songwriter brought a track to the table, the other helped collaborate on arrangements and harmonies. Between the two of them, they played every instrument on the album with the exception of drums and programming.

The album is pretty awesomesauce, so if this bite is appetizing, check out Get There available now on Barsuk Records.

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