Music Monday: Haim – Days Are Gone

HAIM-DAYS-ARE-GONELast week, I claimed on Facebook that Haim’s new album, Days Are Gone, is probably one of the best of the year. After spending some more time with the disc (I’ve been playing it non-stop in the car and at home), I stand by my original sentiment. And clearly, I’m not alone.

Haim is made up of three tightly-knit sisters, all three proficient on more than one instrument. Este plays both guitar and bass, Danielle plays guitar and drums, and Alana plays guitar, keyboards and percussion. They swap vocal duties between the three of them and harmonize the fuck out of each and every song. Their music can best be described as folk-meets-classic-rock, with a tinge of R&B inspiration sprinkled throughout. They’re sort of like a modern day Fleetwood Mac, minus Mick, but plus the sisterhood-feel that the Dixie Chicks front.

After releasing their Forever EP over a year ago, the band hopped from festival to festival, spreading their name and building a slow and steady fan-base. Shortly after, they signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation management group and finished up their debut album, which sports the new single, “The Wire.”

But the Haim girls aren’t strangers to the music biz, having been a part of a family band along with their parents ever since they were young. Growing older, Danielle Haim played with Jenny Lewis, Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), and joined Cee-lo’s all-female backing band Scarlet Fever. With all of these guest gigs under her belt, Danielle along with Este and Alana decided they only wanted to play together. Alana dropped out of college after only a year and there it was. The family band was back in action.

Though the album has a mostly alt-folk feel, Haim is really for fans of Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, and any other classic Americana-type sound. Most importantly, they aren’t just following the trendy, commercial Mumford path; rather, these sisters are paving their own way with a sound that’s unlike anything else out right now. Check out some of their irresistible hooks below:


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