Michael Jackson / Freddie Mercury Collaboration To Be Released

Alright, STOP! Collaborate and listen! I don’t really know what that Vanilla Ice lyric has to do with this posting, but Michael Jackson and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s 1983 collaboration is going to see the light of day, according to NME.

One of the tracks was apparently a demo for an MJ/Mick Jagger collab, called “State of Shock”. The other two are named “Victory” and “There Must Be More to Life Than This.” The tracks were set to hit in 2002, but plans for the release were pulled.

Queen’s Roger Taylor said: “We are now working on some never before released songs that Freddie made with Michael in the early-’80s.  I’m not allowed to say too much about it, but they sound incredible.”

You may now start thinking about how scrumtulescent a Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury collaboration would actually be. Go ahead. Let that awesomeness sink in.

This post is dedicated to Bali. Not because she’s a huge MJ or Freddie fan. But just cuz.


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