McDonald’s sucks at life again, but still remains in business

Twelve-million cheap Shrek-themed glasses have been recalled by McDonald’s due to Cadmium concerns regarding the metallic picture on the front. Yanno. Toxic metal. No big deal, right?

“The 16-ounce glasses, being sold for about $2 each as part of a promotional campaign for the movie Shrek Forever After, were available in four designs depicting the characters Shrek, Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots and Donkey,” reports the Associated Press.

McDonald’s is a vile corporation. From serving fried chicken heads and tampered meat, to sketchy food engineering and additive chemicals in their foods, it’s no wonder why the U.S. is obese as hell. Hasn’t anybody read Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation!? They even made it into a movie for the slower folk! Damn, Gina! (Fun fact: The french fries alone have over 70 different chemicals in them so that Mickey D’s can manipulate the smell, flavor, and texture of what you’re putting inside your body. Yum!)

And now this – Cadmium on these little adorable Shrek glasses. “The CPSC noted in its recall notice that ‘long-term exposure to cadmium can cause adverse health effects.’ Cadmium is a known carcinogen that research shows also can cause bone softening and severe kidney problems.”

Poor, us. No actually, we’re the idiots. We’re the ones that are keeping joints like McDonald’s open. And not only open – but filthy rich. It’s sad, really.

Just because you can feed an army for $5 doesn’t mean you should. There’s a reason it’s so cheap – it’s probably giving you cancer. Enjoy!


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