Lily Allen, Roseland Ballroom, 4-20-09


Lily Allen played to a sold out crowd on Monday April 20th and she nailed it. Roseland was slam packed with heads all bobbing up and down to the new jams and older singles. Good times were had by many (My writing is so prophetic tonight, dontcha think? I’m so deep. Read: lazy.).

The set, as seen above, was a great blend of covers, new and old and Lily was definitely able to keep the crowd pleased throughout the 80min show (Props to the girl who let me take a picture of her setlist! You rock and my blog thanks you!) The energy was high and remained high throughout, and Lily’s voice sounded just as sweet as it does on record.

I was a camera whore. Enjoy videos and photos galore.



Everyone’s At It


Oh My God


Fuck You


Littlest Things


That may or may not be me yelling “THIS IS ART!” during the last vid. Oops. And I totally blame Ang for making me screw up “Oh My God” in the middle. She wanted to be in the video, but it was zoomed in all the way so you can’t really see her that well anyways.  Beer + camera = sloppiness. eek!

The pics came out OK though!





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