L7’s ‘Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago’ is a Trump Bashing Rager


L7’s classic lineup is back in action. Singer and guitarist Donita Sparks, guitarist Suzi Gardner, bassist Jennifer Finch, and drummer Dee Plakas reunited in 2015—a full 14 years after the grunge-metal punks broke up. Now, the group has delivered its first single in almost 18 years, and as if that needed to get any better, the track bashes the living hell out of Drumpf’s Mar-a-Lago.

“Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago” is a three-minute take down comprised of what we all missed and loved about L7. There’s crunchy guitars, off-the-cuff truth spitting, and dark comedy blended together with their pointed punk spirit. The track is a fearless barrage, imagining Drumpf tweeting as his infamous Florida resort gets destroyed. Sparks sings: “S.O.S. from the golden throne/‘Mogul’s’ in deep shit, he’s all alone/It’s not good, a riot in fact/The whole friggin’ country club is under attack.”

The song is one of two singles planned to release this fall via Don Giovanni, with more possibly to come as Sparks and Gardner continue working together. The band has been keeping busy promoting Sarah Price’s documentary, L7: Pretend We’re Dead, which premiered last year and comes out Oct. 13 on VOD and Blu-ray. The movie chronicles the band’s career from its early 80’s beginnings in the LA punk scene, through the grunge era and into the band’s disintegration and eventual return.

Hear the new single below:

L7 – Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago (Official Audio)

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