"It’s all fun and games til one of you gets my foot up your ass."



Oh, how I miss Veronica Mars. Most underrated AND overlooked show of all time? I think sooo (I hope Firefly fans don’t burn my house down and roast me like a pig for this…)

I started re-watching Season 1. This show immediately jump-starts its awesomeness right from the Pilot episode. Episode 1 is a true microcosm of the show’s attitudes, abilities, and strengths…a feat rarely seen in many of today’s pilots. On snap judgment, the cast doesn’t appear that interesting. If you’ve seen commercials, you may have written the show off as “Nancy Drew, but worse.” But allow me to be the first to tell you that you are dead wrong.

You are dead wrong.

I don’t even know what to say to entice you to give this show a chance, and even if I felt the fire-y temptation to persuade…it’s a somewhat moot point. The show is off the air, having only run 3 seasons in a life cut way, WAY too short. But if my inabilities in persuasion can seek any sort of consolation prize, it is this: I don’t know anyone that has watched this show and NOT fallen in love with it.

Logan and Veronica (or, LoVe, for us pros). Lily Kane’s murder (not a spoiler, don’t worry!). Keith Mars. Sheer beauty. Sheer enjoyment. Yesssss.

My season 1 DVDs are currently being rented out (luckily I have 2 copies though!) and once I’m finished re-watching, my other copy is up for grabs. Hell, I’ll even snail mail it across the country. Anything to spread the Mars love to anyone who’s willing and able.

I’m also pumped for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where Kristin Bell plays the one and only Sarah! And hey! It’s from the Apatow bunch!

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