I Miss Garbage

After watching Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles this week, (click here and here) I reached an astounding realization: I MISS GARBAGE.

Although I’m glad Shirley told her label to shove it when they shelved her solo record (“I’m not interested in getting up in a short skirt and singing a pop song.”), I must admit: I miss them dearly.

I’m actually surprised that 2005’s “Bleed Like Me” didn’t really catch on because I thought it was a solid contender for their best album ever (lack of touring and a two-year hiatus probably had something to do with that).  I need another Garbage record. Need. And while I’m being greedy, how about another tour as well? The band tore it up on the Rock Steady tour (which I saw twice!), but I’d love to catch them headline their own show…hell, their own arena tour!

Butch Vig has stated in the past that the band was at one point considering a start date for a new record. I really hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Some classic Garbage jams:

“Stupid Girl”


“Push It”


“Bleed Like Me”


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