How are our shows shaping up?: A mid-season report!

Before the TV season started, I posted a 25+ list of shows I’d be keeping tabs with throughout the course of the season. May this be the very first ammendment to that original list. I find my patience dwindling, and general happy mind becoming numb with boredom and I am NOT pleased. Here are a few mid-season comments and cuts regarding all of my favorite shows these shows I am now struggling to get through week after week.


1. Heroes

Words CANNOT EXPRESS how terrible this show has become. Tim Kring was all “I promise we’ll not suck in Season 3!” and that man did not live up to his promise. The show is treading water, not making sense, and like all those annoying commercials about heroes “choosing a side”…well they arent doing it fast enough!  Heroes has become a microcosm of what it used to be, and that is simply not good enough for me. GOODBYE HEROES. SEE YOU IN HELL. (Kristen Bell – Jump that sinking ship already!)

2. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles

I was starting to lose faith in this show. They introduced Shirley Manson’s Catherine Weaver, but it wasn’t really going anywhere. The action was lessening…I was losing interest. Until the episode with the therapist. We found out the Terminator stole Catherine Weaver’s body, and it was trying to learn what Catherine was like in real life? Awesome. Fox renewed the show for the entire season. I’ll stick around. For now.


I dropped 90210 like a dime on the street corner after a few episodes, but picked up the Paris Hilton: My New BFF reality show cuz seriously, that shit is fucking ridiculous…in a GOOD way!


The Island ended, thank god. Cuz it sucked.

3. Pushing Daisies

As Terminator, I was getting a little tired of this. Then came a great episode revolving around Olive and the nunery! I was back! Then the week after…the “Dim Sum” episode was a snooze! Back and forth go PD and Terminator! I love the characters of this show so much, but they need to work on breaking the formula and trying different things. Survey says: I’m not totally happy, but I’ll keep it around. Who can refuse 60 minutes of Kristen Chenoweth every week? Let’s pause for a half-naked picture of her:

And we’re back! Ok….so:


Oh, God. I’m sorry. There’s another half-naked shot of Kristen. Oh, man. I apologize to female readers everywhere. Ok, ok…moving on for real:

Let’s move to the night that’s doing everything right: THURSDAY!

Survivor, though not the best season, is still going strong (Ace blindsided! AHH!). Check for my weekly blogs re: this show’s weekly island adventures.

The Office and 30 Rock. The Office is not AS funny as it used to be, but who can say no. It’s simply the show that, overall, keeps on giving. 30 Rock’s premiere (albeit, the only episode to air so far) was FANTASTIC. NBC – Way to go!

After a little NBC fun, I head over to FX for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So Videogum has this theory that Sweet Dee and Charlie are the only funny ones in the show. I beg to differ, though will support the notion that certain pairings are funnier than others. Usually there 2 “stories” in one episode and the 5 characters are split into 2 groups and usually coincide in the end to reach some “we’re dumber than we originally thought” moment of hilarity. Now, I don’t ALWAYS find Mac and Frank funny, but when paired with other characters, they can be a laugh riot. My favorite pairings: Dennis and Dee; Charlie/Mac, or Charlie/Frank.  Dennis/Frank and Dennis/Mac…not so much.  I do agree that splitting up Dee and Charlie is usually a good thing…but Videogum…where’s the love for DENNIS!?!?

Overall: this season has been kind of a bummer. I guess we can blame the industry’s favorite scapegoat: The Strike. Or we can hold these shows accountable for SUCKING and refuse to watch them until something better comes along (:::cough24coughDOLLHOUSEcough:::).

Anyways: Thursdays are where its at yo.

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