'Horehound' – Best album of 2009?


Since my last Dead Weather posting, I bought the album “Horehound” and have been playing it nonstop. Jack White is on the drums, The Kills’ frontwoman Alison Mosshart has vocal duties, while The Raconteurs bassist Jack Lawrence and Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Dean Fertita round the four piece out.  Out of all the Jack White projects of late, The Dead Weather remains the most interesting and intriguing for me.

White being on drums works out perfectly – you can tell his personality and golden touch wreaks havoc on the record, but it’s nice to have a different vocalist, especially a female one. The music is raw at times, and Mosshart’s vocals enhance the gritty rawness of the material. The album never hesitates or holds back whether its straight up, balls out Rock ‘N Roll, or sometimes bluesy breakdowns with grunge-y production behind it.

White does occasionally step up to belt out a few tunes and offer support to Mosshart’s screech, but the album really thrives when White stays put. That is not to belittle White whatsoever, because the album truly represents each instrument, and all players are extremely prominent and commanding on record.

I can sit here and brag about this album all day. Horehound is a must, and definitely is one of my faves of the year so far.

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