Hear Here: Bitch Falcon – ‘Wolfstooth’

Bitch FalconThis trio from Dublin likes it loud.

Blending grunge and stoner rock with metal and hardcore riffs, Bitch Falcon (best. name. ever.) delivers tracks so epic you can’t possibly play them loudly enough without blowing out your speakers or pissing off your neighbors. Their songs (especially “Wolfstooth”) are energetic and ferocious, leaving you wanting to smash a TV to pieces, but maybe don’t smash your TV. Because you’ll probably regret that later.

Singer and guitarist Lizzie Fitzpatrick has a voice well primed for screaming—it has the perfect amount of rasp and grittiness to it, but she can also soften it up, which sounds fantastic, too (a bit like Corin Tucker’s vocals when Tucker’s not unleashing that high-pitched shrill of hers.) Drummer Nigel Kenny and bassist Naomi Macleod round out the band, keeping up well with the pace and intensity set by Fitzpatrick.

And really, these guitars just sound fucking amazing.

Check out “Wolfstooth” and “TMJ” below. These are also available on Spotify, and don’t forget to follow Bitch Falcon on Twitter.

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