Happening Sh*t: The Subways, Trick ‘r Treat, Brain Candy Podcast

Remember the time that Happening Sh*t was going to be a weekly series, and then I didn’t post a new one since last March. Yep. I’m that adorable (and lazy). But hey – it’s baaaaaack! So let’s get to some quick hit happening shit that should be on your radars if you like cool stuff sometimes.

Trick ‘r Treat – Days of the Dead Graphic Novel

Trick R Treat Graphic NovelTrick ‘r Treat will forever be a Halloween MUST. For the rest of my life. Forever. If you haven’t seen this film / mini-horror anthology of scary stories, you should and you won’t forget it. Hell, there’s even a sequel on the way! To bridge the gap between films, the “Days of the Dead” graphic novel was released on October 6 by Legendary Comics, and written by Michael Dougherty (the movie’s writer/director), Todd Casey, Zach Shields and Marc Andreyko.

The graphic novel collects four Halloween-themed stories from different timelines, with the only recurring character being (duh.) Sam, the little orange trick-or-treating demon. Some stories are stronger than others, but the book has a really cool ending, and if you love this movie more than a fat kid loves candy, this comic companion is essential!

Pick it up at Amazon for only $11!


The Subways’ New Album

subwaysThis English rock trio from Hertfordshire, England just released a new self-titled album, their fourth, and it’s youthful, thrashy fun. The disc released overseas earlier this year, but was finally made available digitally in the U.S. on October 16. Led by frontman/guitarist Billy Lunn, the band is well-rounded with Charlotte Cooper on bass/co-vocals and Josh Morgan on drums. Their tracks have catchy hooks that verge on power pop, lively guitars and the occasional throaty scream here and there. Sure, they might remind you of something you’ve heard before (they sound influenced by The Hives, The Vines, The Strokes, and all those early 2000’s garage rock bands), but The Subways have energy that’s insanely contagious and damn, I could use a beer and a party right now.

Here’s “I’m in Love and It’s Burning in My Soul” and “Black Letter” off the new record:

U.S. tour, plz?

Fan of The Challenge? Check Out The Brain Candy Podcast!

logobrainIf you can’t get enough of MTV’s [Real World/Road Rules] The Challenge, then you’re in luck! Challenge winners and veterans Susie Meister (formerly of the podcast The Meister Piece, Road Rules Australia) and Sarah Rice (Real World Brooklyn) have joined forces to bring us a brand new podcast called The Brain Candy Podcast. In each episode, Sarah and Susie discuss the worlds of pop culture, literature, science, DIY, and more. They share their favorite insights and provide commentary on everything from reality TV to quantum physics. There’s candy for the left side of your brain and the right (hence the title), and this show has something for everyone. Plus, they promise to have a ton of reality TV guest stars in upcoming episodes – a major bonus if you’re a reality junkie like myself. If you already love these ladies from what you’ve seen on the picture box, go to iTunes and subscribe.

BrainCandyAnd that’s not the only podcast we’re hawkin’ this week! Check out the very first episode of The Littlest Winslow Podcast! We’re a work in progress, but the ball is rolling – let us know what you think! And be sure to tweet me or comment on what sh*t you find to be quite the haps.

(I know what you’re thinking, but we already covered Adele like a million times, people. Here, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat. IT’S NEVERENDING ADELE INSANITY EVERYWHERE.)

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