Grunge Lives: UK’s Milk Teeth Juggles Noise and Melody with a Punk Spirit

MILK TEETH HELL YESAll things come in waves. While pop, EDM and reggae usually dominate my summers, rock is and always will be my first love, cleansing my pallet whenever my ears go astray. While perusing The Worley Gig, I was introduced to Milk Teeth – a UK-based foursome that is loud, punk and grungey as fuck. It’s a retro, dirty rock sound as if right out of 1992; aggressively thrashing, while see-sawing back and forth between noise and melody.

There’s no escaping the N-word here (Nirvana, people!). Comparisons are inescapable and inevitable, as Worley mentions in her post. (Aside – It’s not that I don’t think Nirvana was great and fantastic and hooray Kurt and all that jazz, it’s just that I’m so unbelievably tired of talking and reading about them. But their influence is palpable here and they were indeed seminal. End aside.) There’s also a lot of Kim Deal here too – both Breeders and Pixies. Bassist Becky Blomfield shares vocals with guitarist Josh Bannister, and when Blomfield is at the helm, her sweeter-but-not-too-sweet demeanor will totally make you yearn for your favorite Breeders disc.

Alas, Milk Teeth create joyful noise that will bitchslap you into submission, no matter what else you’ve been crankin’ this summer at the beach. Dig out your flannel and turn up the volume.

Milk Teeth released its latest EP, Sad Sack, in January of this year via Hopeless Records, and this reviewer cannot stop playing it. Show them some love on Facebook, Twitter or Bandcamp. The band’s last two EPs are also available on Spotify.

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