Electric Eel Shock’s New ‘Sweet 55’ Makes Me Wanna Dance

EESElectric Eel Shock, the garage rock trio from Japan, have eight albums, which is kind-of, sort-of news to me. (In my defense, not all of them were released here in the States, or at least I haven’t found them!). The band hadn’t released anything since 2009 and I wrongly ASS-U-MED they were dead…until “Sweet 55” appeared on the internetz.

According to the track’s YouTube description, “Sweet Generation” is the name of their 9th soon-to-be-released album and from the sounds of it, they’re sticking to their guns. With fuzzy riffs and a love for metal, Electric Eel Shock’s return should be a raucous return that will hopefully (fingers crossed) spark a U.S. tour.

If you don’t know these guys, check out 2005’s Beat Me, but really, any album will be consistent and rockin’.

Check out the video for “Sweet 55,” shot entirely on smartphones!

Here’s a pretty bitchin’ cover of “Iron Man” off Beat Me:

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