Dreamcar (Members of No Doubt and AFI) Releases Lead Single ‘Kill For Candy’

DreamcarI went back and forth about whether or not I wanted to cover Dreamcar on this blog. When you love something so much (I’ve been a huge No Doubt fan for decades), it’s hard to write about it because ignoring your own bias is impossible. It’s also why I barely covered Veruca Salt’s Ghost Notes in 2015. It’s much more fun to close your eyes, hit repeat, and soak in the teenage feels that come with hearing a new song by some of your favorite musicians for the very first time. Moments like these are few and far between. They should be savored. And sometimes, it feels good to keep those vibes to myself, for myself.

But then I said fuck it, cuz this song is DOPE.

Dreamcar is made up of Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, Adrian Young (all members of No Doubt) and Davey Havok (AFI vocalist). The band just dropped its lead single, “Kill For Candy,” on The Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ, and announced an album release date (May 12) and some club tour dates for April, many of which are already sold out.

The track oozes reverb; it’s a New Wave neo-classic that pays tribute to all the 80’s music the band loves. It sounds very much like The Cure meets Modern English, maybe, but you should see for yourself below! The track is also available on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

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