Listen to Death From Above’s Latest – ‘Freeze Me’


Whenever you’re sitting around listening to a song on repeat and raging all solo-style, life is good.

Toronto’s Death From Above, made up of vocalist/drummer Sebastian Grainger and bassist Jesse F. Keeler, are back with “Freeze Me,” their first new material since 2014’s The Physical World, which ended a 10-year silence from the band who initially split up in 2006. The single is a fantastic return to form – it’s a little hookier and a little more melodic, but rocks just as hard.

The band released a live album last year entitled Live At Third Man Records (aka Jack White’s label). Their third LP is forthcoming.

Death From Above – Freeze Me (Official Audio)

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“Freeze Me”

Tell me what you think are we in trouble?
Feelin’ sorry’s never really been my struggle
Pickin’ up the pieces siftin’ through the rubble
Ringin’ in the new year listenin’ to the double
Are we outside the safe spaces of love?
Are we in space pinned down to spinning rocks?
How you freeze me
We’re so cold now
Tell me where you are, am I getting warmer?
You freeze me with that look when I go undercover
Readin’ me my rights when you were getting closer
I resist arrest until you say it’s over
Are we outside the safe spaces of sex?
Are we in space or just feeling weightless?
How you freeze me
When it’s all cold now
How you freeze me
We’re so cold now
Are we outside in space? (so cold, so cold)
Are we outside in space? (so cold, so cold)

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