Celebrating 10 Years of The Littlest Winslow


It feels apropos to let Janelle Monáe lead my way in this celebration or admission, whatever the hell it may be. First, The Littlest Winslow reached a pretty big milestone last month – it’s 10th Birthday – which is pretty amazing. This project was started with a friend when I was barely out of college, couldn’t write for shit, and the blogosphere was an entirely different world than it is now. Thank you to anyone who has ever read a single review, Liked a single post, retweeted, or shown love in any other way. It feels great when people show support, and I plan on continuing to support all your haps too!

The reason why I’ve gone dark lately was because I was considering bowing out on the 10th anniversary. Not giving up all together, but maybe starting something new that had more of a focus or niche. Something that might garner a more targeted, rabid audience. I’ve also been focusing on freelancing and other writing ventures, and I wasn’t really sure I was getting out of this what I was putting in. I’ve been considering the future and the truth is:

I haven’t figured out a goddamn thing.

I’m not the same person or writer I once was, but TLW still stands as a written record of what I love, and in a way, who I am and what I’m about. It’s hard to say goodbye to a constant like that, or hell, even consider saying goodbye. When I hear a song like “Make Me Feel,” my instinct is to share it with the world and raise it up on a pedestal…because I’m inspired by artists like Janelle Monae and the countless other forms of artistry I’ve posted about over the years. And TLW has always been my platform…which as it turns out is something I’ve grown quite accustomed to. (#AttentionWhore!)

Change can be a good thing, but consistency is pretty dope, too. In sum, I may re-brand. I may change the site’s focus. I may look for some creative partners and start something new. Or I may just keep ranting and raving like a basket case at TLW, just as I’ve been doing this past decade(!!).

I don’t really know what I’m doing on this floating rock soaring through space. I just want to keep writing.

Listen to Janelle Monae, and be excellent to each other. 


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