Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation makes me regret being a Wii owner

I love my Wii, I do. But there are many things that I keep letting slide in order to remain loyal to my beloved Nintendo system. The graphics aren’t as good, the Internet/DLC capabilities suck, it doesn’t have a Kinect-like motion detector yet. The list keeps piling up like a bunch of dead zombie bodies. And then I saw this:

What the WHAT!?

First of all – ZOMBIES. Excellent. Second – Sarah Michelle Gellar!? Robert Englund! Danny Trejo! Ahhh! Third – Well, there isn’t really a third. I just want this, dammit!

Wii’s lack of age appropriate gaming is really starting to get me down. I love Mario with every fiber of my being, but sometimes I feel it just may not be enough…especially since there’s been no word or sight of a Mario Party 9! Zelda’s Twilight Princess was amazing and so were both Mario Galaxy games…but really, these are just the same series I’ve been playing over and over again since I was four.

XBox’s awesomeness is starting to get a little out of control, and bloody hell–I may have to jump ship to XBox next time ’round.

Enjoy the Escalation download, XBox-ers. Ya jerks.

5 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation makes me regret being a Wii owner

  1. Hell yea, I just got NBA 2K11 for wii, not nearly as good lookin as the PS3, decent gameplay though. COD Black Ops is great, brighter than PS3, not bad looking, but fuck, it’s limited, gameplays decent, NBA 2K11 and Mario Kart Multiplayer not that good :\

  2. Call of Duty Black ops in 20 words! Cracking acoustics. Superb gun and explosion visuals. A gruelling sweat of different plots. Lots of gore at a rip of a pace. What would you do if you started your day roped to a chair and tortured with no idea how to escape LET ALONE survive?

  3. Hey ? – Thanks for commenting. This is news to me! I’ll definitely be downloading it when it hits – thanks!

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