Music Monday: Brother Noland – ‘Coconut Girl’

Brother NolandI’m often found yammered on here about how much streaming music has changed my music consumption. In particular, making playlists that I can share with friends in one easy click is sort of my jam now, and my reggae playlist (co-created with Russ, and not-so-cleverly entitled “Reggae mon”) is one of my faves now. Sure, it’s a little cliche to be going all Rasta because it’s summer and the sun is out, but I’m a firm believer that reggae should be celebrated year ’round. It’s easier said and done once the cold dead of winter hits, but whatever. Reggae is the shit, OK?

In our quest to create the most excellent mix, I got re-introduced to Brother Noland’s “Coconut Girl” – not quite reggae, but island-inspired nonetheless. Brother Noland is a Hawaiian musician who may be best known to some from being featured in Pineapple Express, but he’s locally enjoyed in his home state for some of his other hits like “Big Ship,” “Pua Lane,” and “Kona Kai Opua.” He is the brother of Hawaiian performer Tony Conjugation, and was raised in Kalihi on the Island of Oahu. He continues to perform music, as well as being an active member of the native Hawaiian community.

What I mean to say is that you should listen to this on repeat:

The rest of his catalog is more “island” than “reggae,” but it’s perfect fun for a pool or beach day (or a SKI DAY, RIGHT!?).

Spotify listeners can check out “Brother Noland – A Collection of His Greatest Hits,” which features “Coconut Girl” and 13 more superrad tracks.

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