Happening Sh*t: Bill & Ted, Donald Glover, The Interrupters

Happening Sh*t is TLW’s hodgepodge of news and releases that comes out when I’m either too lazy or too busy to write full posts. But this stuff kicks ass just the same. LET’S GOOO!

Donald Glover Can Do It All

Childish Gambino released a chilling video for his new protest song “This is America,” which unless you’re trapped in a closet, you’ve been playing on repeat since its release. The video features a stark contrast between foreground and background. Glover is schmoozing it up for the camera, while horrific acts of violence occur in the background or in transition. It’s a powerful message about where we choose to direct our attention and the fakeness we’re distracted with day in, day out. Glover can absolutely throw down though. Watch the video for his exaggerated facial expressions and party-time dance moves, then watch it again to face reality.

Glover also hosted and performed on SNL last weekend and will also star in Solo: A Star Wars Story later this month. I’d really like to know what this guy can’t do.


The Interrupters Release “She’s Kerosene” Ahead of New June Album

LA-based ska-punks The Interrupters have a new single I can’t shake. “She’s Kerosene” is an empowerment track about finding the strength to break free from abuse. “I really hope when people listen to that song, it helps them feel empowered to leave a toxic relationship,” frontwoman Aimee Interrupter said.

This track has a killer hook and a danceable ska beat reminiscent of the Third Wave. The band’s new record, Fight the Good Fight, drops June 29th via Hellcat Records. It was produced by longtime collaborator and Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong with the band at Ship-Rec Recorders in Los Angeles. Until then, we’ve got this to suck on and I can’t-stop-won’t stop.



bill and ted

It took nearly 10 years to get this puppy off the ground, but Bill and Ted 3 is happening! It’s been 27 years since Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (the sequel to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) and this week, plans were officially announced for the new movie which will be called: Bill & Ted Face the Music.

Directed by Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) and written once again by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, the movie will revisit the now-middle aged Wyld Stallyns members when a visitor from the future warns the duo that a song of theirs is the only thing that can save the universe. Alex Winter is back. Keanu Reeves is back. Hell yes.

“We couldn’t be more excited to get the whole band back together again,” Reeves and Winter said in a statement. “Chris and Ed wrote an amazing script, and with Dean at the helm we’ve got a dream team!”


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