Bacon Taco = MIND. BLOWN.

Credit where credit is due – props to Erica for posting this picture on my Facebook wall, which inevitably led me down an entire rabbit hole of bacon taco-y goodness. Sure the Interweb is always good for some fun pictures with clever sayings on them, but what if one of those simple little memes carried the weight of the GREATEST IDEA IN THE UNIVERSE along with it? Does the bacon taco really exist? Can it really be done?

Well, gentle readers, it CAN.

When my lady friend and I first started our investigatory research, most “recipes” we found were simply “form pieces of bacon into a taco shape and let it harden that way.” 

In this photo, you can clearly see two small molds. If you’re looking for a simplistic approach, you can punch up a bunch of tin foil in kind of an upside down bell shape. Layer the bacon on top of it (weaving them through, of course) bake it, let it harden, and PRESTO! Bacon taco! Alternately, if you want to put forth a little more effort, you can create your mold with a thin sheet of pliable stainless steal, and put one thin layer of foil over that. But after digging a bit further, I found this other supreme blog post which really seems to be like the Bible of Bacon Taco making. I present you with: Bac-Log!

Bac-Log has come up with different varieties of the “Baco,” including the Breakfast Baco, the Greek Baco, and…wait for it…the Ultimate Baco. They also have a plethora of pictures to illustrate exactly how you should weave your meat, and exactly what you should be putting inside it. For example, here’s a meat money-shot:

Once the meat is woven together, it is then cut into a circle to really give it that hearty taco/pita feel. I sense a huge foodie project coming on. This adventure can also meet the guidelines for any Paleo eaters out there. Bonus!

Hungry yet? If so, head over to Bac-Log today and check out their step-by-step instructions.

You won’t be sorry.

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