Bacon Lube Redefines the Term ‘Bacon Lovers’

After discovering bacon lubeJ&D’s bacon condoms, I really thought I had seen it all…that is, until I found this bacon-flavored lubricant over at Skulls & Bacon. Now, I’m left with feelings of wonder, curiosity, fear, unease…actually, yeah – I’m pretty creeped out by this. But my mind remains inquisitive. I have so many questions. The best part of this, though? The name:

Boink N’ Oink. Classic.

This pseudo-meaty enigma can be bought through Spencer’s. The company writes:

“Get Hog Wet & Wild! Wet® Boink N’ Oink Bacon Flavored Lubricant™ tastes like sweet, sizzlin’ bacon with no bitter aftertaste. This silky smooth, sugar-free, colorless, non-staining, latex friendly, paraben-free formula is sure to have the bacon lover in your life squealing with pleasure. Yes, it’s even Kosher!”

Squealing with pleasure! YOWZA. And Kosher? Bacon lube really is for everyone.

Adventurous bacon lovers can pick up their very own for $12.99 here.

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