Lest We Forget: ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is a Little Rapey


Christmas is in a week? Well, shit.

Skip the laundry list of crap you have to do (Happy HOLIDAAAAAYS!) and instead, sit and ponder with me about the legitimacy of some of your favorite holiday classics. Like “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” I mean, it’s a little rapey, right?

If you don’t see the connection here, allow TV’s Casey Wilson and Scott Aukerman (Yacht Rockerman) to explain it to you.

An Honest Performance Of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

music] Casey Wilson: ♪ I really can’t stay ♪Scott Aukerman: ♪ Baby, it’s cold outside ♪Casey Wilson: ♪ I’ve got to go way ♪Scott Aukerman: ♪ Baby, it’s cold outside ♪Casey Wilson: ♪ This evening has been ♪Scott Aukerman: ♪ I’ve been hopin’ thatyou’d drop in ♪Casey Wilson: ♪ So

Yo, that’s sketch as fuck.

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