Music Monday: AWOLNATION’s ‘Windows’

AWOL CoverPerhaps best known for their pulsating, repetitive (blame it on their A.D.D., baby!) alt-rock tune “Sail,” the Aaron Bruno fronted AWOLNATION released its second album last week entitled Run. The album is more of the same in some ways, with throbbing, bass-heavy beats up front, supported by Bruno’s sincere, strong and wide-ranged vocals, but where was I going with this? I don’t know, guys. It’s just Monday and leave me alone. AWOLNATION are back and some songs are samey, with Bruno’s signature “nursery-rhyme feel of melody” (his words, not mine), but other songs are amazing and feel fresh, truly propelling the project forward.

In sum, this sophomore release is definitely not a dud. If you dug Megalithic Symphony, you’ll want to give this a shot, too.

The lead single is called “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf),” but the most interesting song is found a little more than halfway through the album. It’s called “Windows.” At the top of the track, it’s got these weird little “ah-AHs!” that segue into a killer electronic beat (which AWOLNATION is known for). Though it’s not quite a rock track, it still totally fits the “Alternative” bill, which really is rare these days. And you know what? “Nursery-rhyme feel of melody” is a pretty solid way to explain Bruno’s songwriting. I should’ve just let him write this blog post, too.

Check it:


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