Architecture in Helsinki Brings the Party: Hear the New Track ‘I Might Survive’


If the Australian Indie Pop outfit Architecture in Helsinki are good for anything, just one thing, it would be that they make me want to shake it. To stand up from this desk I’m chained to for 40 hours a week, eschew my proper reasoning and office-like etiquette, and start screaming. Or partying. Screampartying. (It’s a thing. Look it up.) (Maybe.)

Basically, they make me want to lose my mind.

The band released it’s fifth album, Now + 4Eva, at the top of the month, and it’s just as colorful and vibrant as the album art suggests. But what else would we expect from Architecture in Helsinki?

There may or may not be a full album review in TLW’s future, but In Case I Die (HA! HA! GET IT! I AM PUNNY), I will say that despite early trepidations and mediocre vibes I was getting from the first two singles – I do really like this album! Maybe not as much as 2011’s Moment Bends, but enough to still think that Architecture is one of the most interesting and funky and weird and cuckoo nutsos bands on the block. The best tracks, in my opinion, are “Boom (4eva),” “Dream A Little Crazy,” and THIS GUY RIGHT HERE: “I Might Survive.” It is pure horn-filled, disco pop bliss for weirdos and people chewing on happy pills.

Listen often. Hit repeat. Enjoy life.


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